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From stubborn aches and pains, to effortless weight loss, Red Light Therapy is the most exciting and effective Bio-Technology available today and Red Light Pro Devices makes the Most Powerful and Effective Red Lights available on the Market today!

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Why Choose Red Light Pro Devices


Red Light Pro Devices elevates the power and efficacy of red light therapy, offering the most potent devices on the market. Utilizing the full spectrum of red light wavelengths from 660nm to 850nm, these devices maximize therapeutic benefits, from pain relief and weight management to hair regrowth and mood enhancement. Their unparalleled power, harnessing the highest available intensity, ensures that users receive the most effective and comprehensive treatment for a wide array of ailments.



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World of Dog Training (World Of Dog Training)

Wow what an experience. I went to Penny at Foskaris Wellness initially for my ruptured achilles (ouch that injury sucks and ruined my life for a bit). I've heard multiple sources brag about the healing benefits and I witnessed it first hand. The doctor initially told me it would be a 18 month recovery….. But after six sessions with the Red Light Pro Device Therapy, I was hiking again after six months. The doctor said he had never seen anyone heal from that type of an injury so quickly. I also used the wellness center for the fat loss services. The level of care, precision and attention to detail was amazing. The program was so easy yet comprehensive. It was super helpful knowing what would work for me and how to implement the steps to achieve my goals. The results speak for itself, I achieved my goals and I have so much more confidence now too! I can't thank you enough!

Ryan Mattews, World of Dog Training

I’m overwhelmed with how Red Light Pro devices have changed my life. A life that has been hampered by pain and discomfort from sports career and coaching. I’ve observed some health and diet products and services over the years with skepticism. But from using red light on my knees lower back, shoulder and stomach I cannot believe how quickly I’ve healed. The Foskaris wellness center cares about you the patient. Penny and her team have the right patient centric philosophy which shines through as bright as the lights. Getting a new lease of life is game changing and I couldn’t be happier as this affects my family too. Wonderful place, wonderful products and services. They have me for life!

- DN

Finally pain free!
I came across Foskaris Wellness on Facebook a few months ago and saw the Red Light Pro Devices and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it.
I came in to see if it could help my back pain. After my red light therapy session, Not only did my back feel better. I started feeling better. And wow I have never been so relaxed… I have a high stress job and to add in I’ve had long haul Covid, I was a mess. After a few visits, I woke up one day and I realized I’ve never felt this good in years. I have continued to go once a week. I now look forward to going to sleep because it feels so complete. I wake up wanting to go to work, huh?! Exactly.

- Laurice Mitchell


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